5 Dev Tools in Beta to Follow

5 Dev Tools in Beta to Follow

As you know, many development tools start out in beta in order to work out any bugs before the release. We took a look at some great looking tools that are currently in beta that you might want to test out.

Here are five that we have selected to share with you (in no particular order).

1. Sublime Text 3

If you use Sublime Text 2, you’ve probably tried out Sublime Text 3. The first beta of Sublime Text 3 was released in January 2013. Since then, its developers have been hard at work, constantly making improvements and adding features. The latest public build is 3059, but if you’re a registered user, you can have access to even newer in-progress builds.

2. Ionic

Ionic is an HTML5 native app development framework that helps to build mobile apps with web languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It’s not a replacement for PhoneGap or other Javascript frameworks, but a way to simplify the front-end framework of your application. Ionic is currently free and open source and has a library of mobile-optimized HTML, CSS and JS components to get you started.

3. Pig Agile

Looking for cloud-based collaborative tool for agile project management? Pig Agile seems like it could be for you! The tool’s goal is help you to sustain your agility by making agile management simpler. Pig Agile also facilitates collaboration even if your team members are spread out across the globe.

4. DeployGate

DeployGate allows you to easily share your pre-release app with your testers in order to speed up iterations. You can skip the process of explaining how to install the app. You just upload the app and share the URL just like in web development. DeployGate lets you see events and crash reports in real-time as well.

5. Yii Framework 2.0 Beta

Written in PHP 5, Yii 2.0 encourages rapid development and helps developers to construct complex applications and to deliver them on-time. The framework is free and open source and also provides tools to help test and debug the applications you build. Building sophisticated enterprise applications? Yii was created exactly for this purpose!


What other developer tools in beta should we be keeping an eye on?


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