Agile Architect: A Way To move To The Next Level in 2019

agile architect 2019

For years, you use the 1st online modeling tool (or if you don’t, start modeling now for free 😉). Today, Axellience provides a brand new architecture platform for DevOps offering a range of tools to ensure collaboration with your team.

#AgileModeling remains the basis thanks GenMyModel tool

We know how the GenMyModel features help you everyday to work on your digital projects. We keep it all and offer more.

Let summarize the main features:

Intuitive mode with smart controllers

  • Useful shortcuts
  • Alignment helpers
  • Smart segment placement

Correct model with live validation and batch validation. Your model is functional for sure!

  • BPMN2 for your processes
  • ARCHIMATE for your Enterprise Architecture

Full traceability

  • Versions of your model
  • Modification history conservation

Online collaboration “à la Google Drive”

  • Online model repository accessible to entire team and co-workers
  • Real-time concurrent editing
  • Initiative access right management


  • Visualization of your process step by step

Built-in collaboration and documentation

  • Online chat for live modeling discussions

Automated document generation and circulation across team members and beyond

  • Multiple export formats (SVG, PNG, PDF, Word…)

#AgileArchitecture : discover Axellience Agile Architecture Factory, the architecture platform for DevOps

This platform allows you to easily synchronize your actions between developers and architects. It is fully integrated with your agile projects management tools. The platform is designed to successfully lead a digital transformation project with a big team.

Agile projects & co-creation with developers

With the bi-directional integration for agile management tools as Confluence and Jira, you can work easily with developers on architecture design projects. You can track between architecture models and projects tickets, epics and user stories.
Collaboration is key in any transformation project within a company. But it is not always easy. Everyone works with their own tools and uses their own language. The Axellience Agile Architecture Factory makes the entire value chain agile: from business, development teams to architects. The goal: to bring everyone together in one place.

Management of digital projects thanks to a brand new dashboard

The new dashboard brings you the big picture not just the multiple models you’re working on. Now you can link models and model objects together to better understand and navigate dependencies inside the information system. You can attach external files, links and reference documents to models and model objects.
At last, you can collect external, “real life” data for KPI visualization on models and model objects.

If you work on critical data, the platform can be available on private cloud for greater security. Manage privacy and compliance with internal rules, regulatory framework and architecture requirements. It’s ideal for Health, Government, Insurance or Banking companies!

Your digital transformation projects become large and difficult to manage as a whole. You have to go fast to launch new products before the competition. Axellience Agile Architecture Factory is the platform you need to ensure agility all along the design to operations value chain.

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