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Ready to boost your Business Strategy?

ArchiMate* has finally arrived on your favorite online platform! Naturally, as our UML, Database, and BPMN modelers, ArchiMate comes with the Central Model Repository, the Google Drive Style Collaboration, Smart Controllers, and the All Format Export. GenMyModel presents you its new editor!

*ArchiMate is a registered trademark of The Open Group

Mesure Decision Impacts with ArchiMate

Save the world, adopt pandas, plant trees… We are sure you have wonderful goals for your enterprise, but you have to follow a structure to reach them. ArchiMate 3.0 is a visual language that will map the relations between the Business, Application, and Technology Layers of your enterprise.



Use this application to highlight the impact of actions, according to dependencies between objects, concepts, and users.

Foresee what applications you and your team workers will need in their future missions.

Highlight to your employees causes and consequences of their tasks on your global plan.

GenMyModel respects ArchiMate 3.0 standards and its library offers about fifty shapes and links. Try it now!

ArchiMate Toolbar

ArchiMate Toolbar

Gain in Compatibility with our BPMN Converter

Our BPMN tool counts 2 types of diagrams: Process Diagram & Collaboration Diagram. When you create a Process Diagram in your GenMyModel Editor, you work on one participant’s business process whereas a Collaboration Process represents multiple participants with “Pools”. One of GenMyModel’s goals is to make you save time, so if you start a Process Diagram, and then wish to include other Pools, our editor will automatically convert your model into a Collaboration Diagram.

Conversion of a Process Diagram into Collaboration Diagram

Conversion of a Process Diagram into Collaboration Diagram

Have you used an other BPMN modeler than GenMyModel? It’s okay, we won’t be sad, because we know you are on board now. You inspire us so much we even improved our editor. So guess what? Even if you worked on a tool that doesn’t automatically correct your BPMN models as we do, you can still import them on your GenMyModel’s account and GenMyModel will take care of converting your diagrams into Collaboration Diagrams or Process Diagrams in function of its type.

+ Bug fixes and improvements

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