April Sprint


Faster export, BPMN In Color, Data Representation…and more!

Today’s GenMyModel Update will blow your mind. We are faster, more precise, more flexible, and all this in a totally new style. Let’s discover our improvements together:

Faster export with a new export engine

We know your time is valuable. Remember when image export could take you several seconds? Well, this time is over. Now it is instantaneous, and procedure is still the same.

Export BPMN image

Instant Export

PDF report generation goes faster too.

Elaborate models with BPMN In Color

BPMN In Color standard compliance will assure you clearer process diagrams. No matter how complex your model seems to be, master every detail by customizing border/text and background color separately to suit each one of your needs and tastes.

BPMN in color

Color Your Blocks

Moreover, your GenMyModel models will keep their colors if you export them to any editor that supports BPMN In Color.

Flexibility with .docx documentation

The automatic report is complete, but you wish to personalize a description, to be more specific on an interaction, to insert a personal detail, to put the focus on a process? GenMyModel made it possible : simply export your report in .docx and freely edit it in Microsoft Word.

Export BPMN in docx for Word

.docx documentation

More power with Data Representation in BPMN

A process relies on data. Have you ever dreamt of a world where you could describe underlying data inside your BPMN model? We know you have, and we have heard you. Indeed you can now create JPA data model inside your BPMN. Our tool lets you bind your DataStore/DataObject to JPA Entities in just a few steps.

More organization with our overview tool

As you have discovered it by reading our last article, we provide a Overview Tool to help you navigate in your most complex models. Our new colorful version is more realistic and available on all types of models.

Overview tool for diagramming


More style with our new website

Discover clearer pages with relevant videos, fabulous screenshots, more information, and intuitive pictograms. The homepage shows you the evolution of GenMyModel’s community, and highlight the new articles of our blog.

GenMyModel's new website

GenMyModel’s Community

Find all our products and their respective pricing in the top menu. You will notice that 2 new model types are coming soon: DMN and Archimate.

GenMyModel's new website

What’s new in the menu?

We will explain everything to you in our next article. Stay aware of its release by following us on social networks.

A part of our old website stays available for now so you don’t lose our tutorial pages such as “Create Class Diagram Online” or “Free Flowchart Software & Examples”.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Want to hear more about our features? Stay in touch with the GenMyModel Team on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn! See you soon.

see you soon for news on modeling

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