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Also PhD in Computer Science specialized in software modeling, code generation and model driven development. Interest/work in code generation, reverse engineering techniques, interpretation and compilation.

Model Scripting in your Browser: Introducing CatsooLang

A new Domain Specific Language (DSL) built to give you the ability to modify and query your models from your browser, directly in GenMyModel.

Who does not want to query or modify her/his model? Do you ever tell to yourself after a modification in your model: “Damn, I need to postfix all my 50 Classes with ‘DAO’…”? Or “I must add an attribute to all my classes… It’s gonna take forever”. If you don’t, well… lucky you, I asked myself this kind of questions many times a day.

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GenMyModel + Github + JMerge = (Generating -> Coding)*

Without any doubt, automatic code generation from models is a strong feature allowing to save time and to keep consistency between models and code. One of the feature proposed by GenMyModel is to generate java source code from your model into Github repositories (config is accessible from “Tools->Generate->Generate Configurations…”). Here, we show how GenMyModel generation […]

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