GenMyModel is waiting your new test


Our faces are tired…but we are happy to present you an improved release!
After a two months spent correcting bugs and coding your suggested features, GenMyModel starts to be very interesting. And really usable.
Even if it’s still focused on class models, we come with likely features making your test relevant: multiple selection, drag and drop, inheritance, operations, image export and many others.

Additionnaly, we wanted to show a new perspective around efficient code generations. The Spring MVC CRUD generator is our first real generator going that way. As many of you said, it’s pretty cool to get an overview of the application that we’re modeling. Of course this is a very beginning; your feedback and your advice will show us the good direction.

Please make a test, we need you to keep going forward!

Happy modeling,

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Tom Team

GenMyModel co-founder - @tomlegrd