Business Process Management Standards

Use a Language Experts Have Settled

Have you ever draw a scheme of how your company works on a Drawing Software, on a Graphic Application, or even on a piece of paper? Want to take your company to the next level? You could use an official business process language to go further than a drawing!

With BPMN 2 Standards, measure your current activity, capture the evolution of your processes & control innovative productivity.

So let’s see in 4 points why starting to learn & manipulate Business Process Management Standards is the good strategy to adopt.

More Unity implies More Efficient Co-workers

To understand each other, use the Same Language

Use the Same Language

Respecting Standards will help you understand each other in your company. This way:

  • It will be easier to explain to your stakeholders what their missions are;
  • You will be able to have more productive & technical conversations with your Business Analysts;
  • Your employees will be on the same page to work following the same direction, respecting the values & the identity of your company.

More Automatic Work implies More Time for Human

To automate your processes, use the Language your Computer Understands

Use the Language Your Computer Understands

Future is not about working like a machine. Future is about our skill to work with machines. With BPMN 2 Standards, conversing with your computer is possible. Use our XMI File Export Feature to:

  • Execute & Automate Processes;
  • Eliminate Manual Keying of Data.

Solid Bases implies More Innovation

To understand your Past You, use the language your Future You will Use Too

Use the Language your Future You will Use Too

How do you innovate? By first drawing a report about the current situation. You then study what could be better, faster, easier,… Modeling in BPMN 2 Language means:

  • Documenting the Past Evolutions of your Processes for the Future Innovations;
  • Highlighting how you could get Better Results Faster & More Flexibly.

Following Models implies Acquiring More Knowledge & More Power

To chose a good compliant language, use a Language Experts have Settled

Use a Language Experts have Settled

BPMN In Color, Process Diagrams, Collaborative Diagrams, Gateways, Pools… GenMyModel assures you total compliance because it respects BPMN 2 Standards, keeping its platform up-to-date thanks to our computing talents. Our Team guarantees you:

  • An Intuitive Navigation;
  • An Ergonomic Workspace;
  • A Good-Looking Design.

So let’s start together to bring Performance & Innovation to your Company with GenMyModel, the Leading Online Modeling Platform than has full Compliance with BPMN 2 Standards:

Discover more features the GenMyModel’s BPMN 2 Modeler provides in this 3 Points Article: Intuitive Online Collaborative Business Process Diagramming

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