ChangeLog October 23th 2014

We’re excited to unveil new features including model generation from Java, dashboard notifications, and the coloring that will make collaboration with your diagrams even easier. Read on!

UML Model generation from Java

It’s now possible to create an UML model out of an existing Java code repository. Just give the URL of your Git repository and GenMyModel analyzes the Java classes to generate the UML structure. It generates a model containing the classes with attributes, associations, inheritance, etc.

uml diagram generation java
Reverse Java repository from the GenMyModel dashboard
uml diagram generation java
Configurating model generation from Square Picasso project

After opening the model in the editor, you can drag and drop the elements from the project explorer to the diagramming zone:

Class diagram with 2 classes dragged and dropped from the project explorer
Class diagram with 2 classes dragged and dropped from the project explorer


Read more and give it a try: getting started, documentation.


Notifications are now pushed into the dashboard for providing useful information regarding your activity and your projects. The notifications are displayed at the top-right corner of the dashboard when:

  • you are shared a project
  • you’ve been removed from a project
  • you generate UML models from code. Reversing a Java repository can take minutes and the process runs asynchronously in the background. You’re notified whatever the process outputs.
uml notifications
Notification panel in the dashboard

More notifications will be added over time.

Diagram coloring

The new coloring feature enables you to group objects together and have a clearer overview. Color settings in your diagrams are preserved when generating images and PDF reports:

uml diagram color
Class diagram coloring

Click an element in the diagramming zone and select the color in the property panel. You can also type your own HTML color:

Color setting in the property panel


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We hope you enjoy the latest features! Vote for the features you’d love in our UserVoice area.

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