Introducing the Database Model Editor

Our team is happy to unveil the new Database Diagram Editor in GenMyModel. It enables you to design databases online with the power of real-time collaboration and code generation. The data modeling editor completes the GenMyModel modeling platform which now covers a wide spectrum of diagrams: ER, UML, Flowchart and EMF. As a full-featured collaborative platform in the browser, GenMyModel is now at the center of software design in agile teams.

Sketch a big picture of your system design

The database editor enables you to design database models at the tables and references level. From the GenMyModel dashboard, start a new project and select the database diagram type:

design database online

Edit your model in a single window and save time using keyboard shortcuts (To see all the keyboard shortcuts just press ?) and the Copy – Paste feature. The editor validates your model all the time:

database online diagram

The project explorer presents the tree structure of your design model:

database model properties

Some elements of a database model have a complex structure. The panel properties lets you set all custom values:

database online diagram properties  

Work together in real-time GenMyModel helps you collaborate efficiently with the Google Drive-style collaborative mode.

You can share your database model and work together in real-time with no lock or constraints. All collaborators see the changes occurring in real-time:

database model real-time collaboration

Generate SQL and customize the generator

At any time you can generate a SQL script that creates all elements in your database. GenMyModel checks your database model before SQL generation and notifies you of any errors or warnings.

database diagram sql generator

The SQL generator can be entirely customized with the template editor:

database model sql generation

Generated SQL scripts can also be pushed to your Git repository.

Try the editor now >

GenMyModel platform now acts as an information hub to share the core data definitions, business rules, and data structures across your team and organization!

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