Discover the revision history in your GenMyModel projects


Our team is happy to unveil the revision history in GenMyModel.

When can you use the revision history?

You can use the history revision when you want to:

  • see missed changes on your diagrams since you logged out
  • revert your diagram to an older version
  • find out who has modified your work

Your work is safe with the diagram revision history

With the revision history, you can now replay all changes made on your diagrams (UML, Flowchart, RDS, BPMN…) by you and your collaborators. You can watch changes play live by pressing the play button just like a video. A progress bar enables you to navigate in revisions using a cursor.

By default, GenMyModel sets a tag every 100 commands made on your diagrams. A command is a minimal change in your diagram (move, creation, etc.). Only the last 3 tags are saved in our databases meaning you can restore your diagram up to 300 past commands.

How to display the history?

To launch the revision history player, just click the “history” button at the top-right corner of the editor.

Display more information about a change

Put your mouse cursor over the progress bar. You will see who has made the change and when.


The blue pins correspond to the tags that are automatically created by GenMyModel. Those tags are created every 100 changes. Other tags exist like the revision tag which is created when you revert your diagram to an older version.

What’s next?

Manual setting of revision tags is on the roadmap. It implies a refactoring of our command storage management system and it should be available in late Q2 or Q3. Stay in touch!

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