GenMyModel, finally available on GameBoy™!


At GenMyModel we aim at making you more productive. We give you the ability to model BPMN, UML, Flowcharts and more any place, any time. You just login and start modeling right from your browser on any device, with no installation.

We decided to push it one step further by making GenMyModel available… on the Original Nintendo GameBoy™.

Why choosing the GameBoy™?

We had to think of a device, familiar, fun to use and easy to carry.

With its light weight of 400g, its impressive 4 shades of grey (better than 50!), and an outstanding 10 hours battery life (on four AA batteries), the Nintendo GameBoy™ was an ideal choice!

What does it looks like?

Checkout this gorgeous interface taking full advantage of the graphic capabilities of this next-gen console:


  • GenMyModel online bpmn uml tool console
  • GenMyModel online bpmn uml tool


What features do we support?

After months of hard work, our engineering team managed to make all the features you love available on the GameBoy™

  • UML, BPMN, Flowchart, Database and EMF Modeling
  • Real-time collaboration using the Game-Link™ cable
  • Code Generation
  • Export and print your diagrams on the Game Boy Printer™
  • Coloring elements in an outstanding 4 shades of grey

How do I get it?

GenMyModel for GameBoy™ is available today, April 1st 2015 in all major stores across the globe.

If you can’t find it anywhere, just send us a quick request at, and we will send it to you by mail.

So leave your pricey smartphones, tablets, and computers and start enjoying GenMyModel on your beloved GameBoy™ today.

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