How can you upgrade your collaboration level inside an online modeling tool?

collaboration modeling tool

The problem with older modeling softwares is clearly the collaboration. Everyone has his license installed on his workstation and produces versions of the same project. These versions are then exchanged in email format. The risk of error is then very high. Is it all about the right version? Did my colleague change the correct version? Do the modifications I make on my side have an impact on the one my neighbour wants to make? With an online modeling tool, collaboration is simplified. We will explain how.

In real time mode

With our online modeling tool GenMyModel, you can easily see who is working on your model. Everyone’s working on the same version. And it evolves while remaining up-to-date for any user. No more conflicts. So you can see who is working on the model at the same time as you and interact with them via chat and coordinate your actions. But you can also give some people the right to only view the model without being able to edit it. This evolution is comparable to the evolution from Word to Google doc.

In addition, thanks to a shared space, you can add documentation and use rich text. For example, in the property panel, you can add contextual information about the model. The more information we share, the more effectively we collaborate.

Saving time

Working in real time saves considerable time! No more file sharing, version errors… We talked about it in a previous article. Thanks to an online modeling tool, you save time on a daily basis thanks to :

  • the use of standards: everyone speaks the same language
  • instant documentation generation: share your models in different formats
  • use a full web application: enjoy access anywhere at any time and find your updated models
  • the possibility to use a versioning system: we talk about it in this article.

An open and documented API

An open API, sometimes called a public API, is an Application Programming Interface that allows the developer to access a proprietary software application through programming. You can access GenMyModel’s here.

Access to our API allows any company to develop an application that can interact with our software. Thus, any company can fully integrate our technology into its tools and go further in the efficiency of its teams.

Using an online modeling tool is a real opportunity for your teams to gain agility and efficiency. By working with modern and connected tools, you make your life easier. When do you plan to start?

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