Save Time in 4 Points by Modeling Online


How to save time? is a recurrent question Business Men & Business Women ask their providers. Their intense job forces them to take the right decision at the right time, not always with days of reflexion.

That is why they need some tools that make their business evolve in synch with their thoughts.

Diminue paperwork, facilitate analyse, automatize business processes… are some of the super powers of modeling. Let’s see in 4 points why GenMyModel is the Modeling Platform that will suit you.

1. Standards

We respect standards of modeling. Use Archimate 3.0, BPMN 2, UML 2.5, and soon DMN 2. Designing with these standards will help you:

  • Diminue misunderstandings between you and your stakeholders;
  • Automatize business processes;
  • Guarantee valid models thanks to our live & batch validation feature.

Use the same language as your employees

Use the Same Language as your colleagues

2. Instant Documentation Generation

Share your diagrams in the format you prefer (PDF, PNG, JPG…), and to be sure your work is understood, GenMyModel has a documentation generation feature. This means:

  • Quick access to a clear explanation of your enterprise architecture;
  • Overview of your different layers (Technology, Application, Business, and Strategy Layers).

Instant Export

Instant Export

3. Full Web Application

Our platform is entirely online! That way:

  • Instantly sign up with Social Networks (Google+, LinkedIn or Github)
  • Access every model from anywhere at anytime;
  • Instantly synchronize your modifications on your workspace;
  • Stock in the Cloud multiple versions of your models;
  • Be free of any installation;
  • Have live & automatic updates of the editor.

Instant Sign Up with Social Network

Instant Sign Up with Social Networks

4. Versioning

GenMyModel is a modeler mostly designed for professionals who work with teams on complex projects. That is why we built a Versioning Feature totally adapted with a Minor & Major Version system in order to:

  • Compare current version & several future versions of your enterprise;
  • Save the project construction history;
  • Mesure costs & time of different solutions.



Start saving time with GenMyModel:

Learn more about our Innovative Certified Professional Suite. Stay in touch with the GenMyModel Team on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn! See you soon.

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