Innovative Certified Professional Suite


You have a global view of your enterprise. You have a vision of the future of your market. All you need is to share your perception with your stakeholders and your employees. Translate your intentions into actionnable objectives with an innovative standardized professional suite. Discover the solutions GenMyModel introduces:

1) Professional Suite

To link all your projects, GenMyModel offers an Online Platform where you can both store and design diagrams about your enterprise. Our Professional Suite is meant to make you save time.

Business Process

Visualise your Business Processes and predict impacts of your different plans with our BPMN module:

Enterprise Architecture

Coordinate your teams. Organize your Technology, Application, and Business Layers in function of your Strategic Goal Analysis. Cross viewpoints with our Archimate module:

Database Modeling

Clarify your databases. Transform storage of datas into understandable diagrams with our RDS module:

2) Standardized Technology

In order to go further than a drawing, in order to assure you correct & functional models, we respect standards and we assure a live & batch validation of your GenMyModel’s projects.


Obtain a Valid Representation of your Business Processes by letting your stakeholders use a simple editor that respects all the BPMN 2.0 Standards, such as BPMN Collaborative Diagram, BPMN Process Diagram, and more, even drafts of standards, such as BPMN In Color. Our intuitive platform is designed for both beginners & experts.

Archimate 3.0

GenMyModel is member of the Open Group, creator of the Archimate 3.0 Standards and the TOGAF Method. This means that our compliance will be assured on the long term.

3) Innovative Tool

Our platform brings innovation and intuition to Business Modeling. Our modernity makes us more efficient, more adapted to companies and more connected to progress. This way, you won’t have to worry about updates and compliance.


GenMyModel is entirely in the Cloud. Nothing to install, nothing to setup, just connect by using your email address or your GitHub, LinkedIn, Google+ account, and access to your dashboard. Use the platform from wherever you are.


GenMyModel has an intuitive design which will increase your productivity, so you never lose time when you create diagrams. Each move respects users habits so you can focus on modeling. Organize your ideas in just a few clicks. GenMyModel’s free support listens to your questions and suggestions; it constantly adapts itself to your needs, that way our tools become more efficient and optimal every day.


As Google Drive, share your projects with your stakeholders assigning them editors, or readers. You will be able to work together on models thanks to our Live Synchronization Feature.

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GenMyModel is the Leading Online Modeling Platform, and our team will always keep in mind that companies need innovation, compliance and professionalism. So let’s stay in touch on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, and know all about our updates and improvements!

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