Introducing the GenMyModel Decision Model and Notation Editor

The new version of our BPMN modeler released today adds a full featured Decision Model and Notation (DMN) editor with many utilities that simplify the creation of decision models.

By introducing the OMG DMN Standard which complements the BPMN process notation, GenMyModel now supports you for different stages of collaborative business modeling. The decision diagram editor will enable you to define the decisions to be made in the BPMN tasks while the decision logic tables will help you define the required decisions in sufficient detail to allow validation and automation. GenMyModel supports you for bridging the gap between the business decision design and decision implementation.

dmn diagram example
A decision diagram in GenMyModel

dmn decision table
A DMN decision table in GenMyModel

Decision diagram and table alongside BPMN

The DMN notation aims at defining manual decision making, specifying the requirements for automated decision-making and representing a complete, executable model of decision-making. If the two levels of DMN – decision requirements and decision logic – may be used independently or in conjunction to model a domain of decision-making without any reference to business processes, the DMN notation is designed to be useable alongside the standard BPMN business process notation.

Considering this practical fact, the entry point for creating a decision diagram is the business rule task:

bpmn diagram business rule task
A business rule task: entry point to create a decision diagram

business rule task

Decision Requirements Diagram

The decision requirements diagram editor enables you to decompose your decisions into sub-decisions, business knowledge, input data and knowledge sources with a complete environment including the ability to collaborate with other users, to retrieve revision history, export images, etc. The intuitive GUI makes it easy and fast to sketch your decisions and drill down to the level you need.

decision requirement diagram
The Decision Requirements Diagram Editor in GenMyModel

Decision Table

With the decision table, the components depicted in the decision diagram may be specified in greater detail, to capture a complete set of business rules and calculations, and to allow the decision-making to be fully automated.

decision item
Click the decision tool icon

dmn decision table example
and edit the decision table live in the browser

Notice that for this first release, the decision tables can only be attached to Decisions; Knowledge Sources will follow very soon.

The example used in this post is available here.

— Tom & The GenMyModel Team

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