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With GenMyModel, you can create UML elements using UML 2.5 standards, in an intuitive mode, directly in your web browser. Day after day, we innovate to give you the best UML online modeler. Today, you can enjoy two new features: creating diagrams inside Elements and using attachments inside your projects.

Creating diagrams inside Elements

You can now create diagrams inside a given package. By default in GenMyModel, all the diagrams are created at the root of the model. That’s enough for small models. But when a model becomes bigger, it might get confusing to get all the diagrams together without an appropriate classification. By allowing the creation of diagrams on a given package, it helps you better organize your model keeping diagrams next to the package they are relevant for.

add-diagram-tree UML

add-diagram-context-menu UML

For example, if you create a model for a banking system in UML. We can identify various parts of that system:

  • Clients accounts
  • Transactions
  • Trading

Instead of having all the diagrams from all those parts mixed, you can add diagrams inside each root package of those parts and keep things organized.

As GenMyModel is a collaborative tool, this new feature is a real opportunity to make as clear as possible the project for anyone involved.

Using attachments inside your projects

Now, attach any kind of files to an Element. You can either upload your file to GenMyModel or link to an existing file online (using an URL). We display all the files attached to a given element in a modal. As simple as your online drive, you can delete uploaded files or add new ones.

With attachments, the model becomes the center of the digital transformation of your business. All the documents relevant to a given piece of the Architecture are now connected there in one place. Nowadays, we use too much tools. With the feature “Attachments”, you no longer need a separate Wiki or Sharepoint base, you and your colleagues can simply access to the documents from the model. Direct access to the information you need in the appropriate context.

attachment-tool UML

attachements modal UML

attachements modal UML

This feature is available for UML projects ‘Classifiers, Packages) but also for BPMN (tasks), Flowchart, Archimate. For example, in UML, you can attach specifications or other architecture document to be the most exhaustive as possible. In BPMN, attach necessary details to accomplish a given task. In Flowchart, attach illustrations or other document for the given flowchart item. Do you get how interesting this feature is?

Enjoy these new features now!

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