The GenMyModel online BPMN editor is out!

BPMN2 collaboration diagram example

As you may have noticed, it’s been a few week since we released a major new release and we’d like to let you know more about it. You can now create a BPMN process online with GenMyModel! So let’s take a few minutes to discover it.

Create your BPMN project

To create a new BPMN project from your dashboard, go to new project and select the BPMN2 model type:

Create a new BPMN project

As you can see, you can choose to create either a collaboration or a process diagram by default.

What’s the difference between process and collaboration diagrams?

A BPMN process diagram describes just one process meaning a sequence or flow of activities in an organization. A BPMN collaboration diagram shows two or more processes and interactions (message flows) between each process.

If you prefer you can also clone an existing project from our BPMN process examples. Select the project you want to clone and click the green button Fork this project.

BPMN2 compliant processes

Like always, we are following the OMG specification (Business Process Model and Notation). It means that GenMyModel stores the BPMN models using a standard format. Thereby you can export and import BPMN2 diagrams to BPMN process tool like Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler, Bonitasoft, BPMN Web Modeler or any other one that supports the standard BPMN2 format.

How to export my model to BPMN2 format?

In the BPMN editor, right click the canvas and select export as BPMN or go to the menu tools/export as BPMN2.

  • Export as BPMN from the context menu
  • Export as BPMN from the menu

You obtain a XML file which matches the BPMN2 specification of OMG.

BPMN tools

For a better user experience, we have improved our toolbar with a grouping feature. For example, all task tools are grouped together as you can see on this screenshot:

BPMN new toolbar

Of course, shortcuts are available for most of the tools (type ? to show all shortcuts in the editor).

What’s next?

Note that this is just the first version of our online BPMN editor and new features will be added in the future. Some of the features we are planning so far:

  • BPMN2 diagram import to GenMyModel (under development).
  • Ability to change the type of tasks, events and gateways (e.g change a user task to service task).
  • Enable pool creations or process diagrams from an existing process.

As usual, we are opened to any ideas that you might have to improve your favorite modelling tool. So don’t hesitate to give us your feedback about this new release in the comments or in our forums.

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