New GenMyModel User Dashboard!

genmymodel dashboard-myprojects

We’ve launched the brand new dashboard for your UML modeling projects. Find out what’s changed and what’s new!

All of these changes are made possible thanks to our API.

First off, don’t worry! All the features you know and love are still available. We’ve just improved things.

Now, when you log into your GenMyModel account, you will be taken to the new Dashboard. On your Dashboard, you’ll find everything you need for managing your projects and your account.

Dashboard for New Users
Dashboard for New Users

Why a Dashboard?

Your user experience is important to us. We hope that the Dashboard will facilitate your projects by helping you organize your UML design models and find what you need as quickly as possible.

The Dashboard allows you to save time and be more agile when designing your architecture.

You can open up the exact diagram you want to work on right from the Dashboard and more.

genmymodel dashboard-diagrams
Select the diagram you want to edit

Major Changes

All of your projects will be listed under the “My Projects” tab of your dashboard.

One tab per project. The editor will only show the project you’re working on. You will see all the diagrams of your current model available in the editor.

In order to open a different project, you must do so from your Dashboard. A new editor will open if you click on another project.

genmymodel dashboard-openineditor
Select “Open in Editor” to open your project

Also in the Dashboard

From the Dashboard, you can also:

Create a new project

Share your projects with your collaborators

Manage the collaborators on your projects

Delete your projects

Create a new project
genmymodel dashboard-projects
Manage your project’s settings

These options are still available in the editor, but we also wanted them to be available to you in the Dashboard.

Why? It’s easier to put the main features dedicated to project organization in the same place. You can focus on the design itself in the editor.

What’s New

The power is in your hands. Some of the following are must-have features:

– You can now rename your projects and change their visibility (public or private).

– Under the “Profile Settings” tab, you can change your username, e-mail address, and password.

genmymodel dashboard-profilesettings


What do you think of the new Dashboard? We’d love your feedback!

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