Newsletter: July, 11 2014

We’re excited to unveil new features including a brand new look for the application,

and an API that will make your diagram creation even easier. Read on!

User Interface

Enjoy the New Design!
New colors, enriched menu, snap to grid, etc
Manage your projects, share, and edit your settings. Better organize your design models in the new dashboard
Simplify Your Diagrams
New Drag and Drop feature. Separate your design models and reuse model elements in multiple diagrams.


Explore the Repository
Explore the repository which features over 61,000 public projects. It’s the world’s largest design model database.
Visit Your Profile Page
You now have your own public profile page, and each public project also has its own page. See yours

Advanced features

Discover the API
A first version of the hypermedia API allows you to browse and edit your projects using REST calls. See the docs
Generate Your Code
Upload your templates and generate your own code from the UML diagrams. C++, C#, SQL, etc. More


“Come with me if you want to live”
If you’re looking to have a little fun, check out the ArnoldC code generator
Google Chrome App  Looking for an even easier way to access the application? Chrome users can install a shortcut in your Google Apps. Find it here

What’s Next?

The state, instance and sequence diagrams, XMI import/export and many other features are in the works. 
GenMyModel will be out of beta soon. The early adopter program starts in September.
Check out the new features
We hope you enjoy the latest features! As always, thank you for choosing GenMyModel.- The GenMyModel Team

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