Object Diagram (Instance Diagram) Released

We’re working hard to release more UML diagrams. We are happy to announce that object diagrams are now available in GenMyModel.

Object Diagram created in GenMyModel
Object Diagram created in GenMyModel

Object Diagrams

Based on the class diagram, the UML object diagram (formerly known as an instance diagram) shows a complete or partial view of the structure of a modeled system at a specific time or instant.

The object diagram focuses on a particular set of objects (instances) and attributes in a class diagram, and the links between them. They also use almost the same notation as class diagrams. Instead of classes, the diagram uses “instances of classes”.

These diagrams can be very useful in helping to understand a complex system or to explain to managers or customers what is going on in the system by providing an example. They may also be used for test cases of a class diagram.

Creating an Object Diagram

It’s easy to create an object diagram for your project. Like all diagrams in GenMyModel, there are three ways. Once in your project’s editor, you can:

1) Select File → Create diagram → Object diagram

2) Right-click in the editor and select Create diagram →  Object diagram

3) In the Project Explorer, right-click on the diagram container and select Object diagram


Have you tried to make an object diagram in GenMyModel? What do you think?

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