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Happy Employees, Happy Customers: 4 Reasons to Start Modeling in BPMN 2

Your company is dealing with Unsatisfied Customers or Lack of Motivation from your Employees? We are here to help you point out where do these issues come from. Are your production processes fully efficient? Continue reading

May Sprint

Ready to boost your Business Strategy?

ArchiMate* has finally arrived on your favorite online platform! Naturally, as our UML, Database, and BPMN modelers, ArchiMate comes with the Central Model Repository, the Google Drive Style Collaboration, Smart Controllers, and the All Format Export. GenMyModel presents you its new editor!

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New Pricing on GenMyModel

When we started GenMyModel 5 years ago, we had a vision. We wanted to make modeling tools accessible and easy to use for everyone. No more clunky setup, no more fiddling around with file versions.

On August 2012, we launched the public beta of the world’s first real-time collaborative web modeler. This first version only supported UML class diagrams. We kept working on the product, adding features, UML diagrams and improving user experience.

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Release Update: beautiful BPM export to PDF, better organization of large projects and new revision history

After the recent release of the BPMN Visio Import, GenMyModel continues to evolve for bringing you more traceability, performance and flexibility. The latest release update includes a new professional PDF export, the redesign of the model history browser and the drag and drop of model elements within the project explorer. These improvements bring a significant […]

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