Real-time collaborative modeling – Quick start

Very quick start

It’s some kind of joke. There’s almost nothing to do for a quick start if you’d like to collaborate on a model. We wanted to create a friendly experience, as easy as a Google doc.
Click the share button in any diagram and add the emails of your collaborators. You’re done!

Share settings GenMyModel

More details
  1. Sign in
  2. Create a project or open an existing project from the project explorer
  3. Open the Share settings from the Tool menu or with a right-click on the diagram zoneshare settings menu
  4. Before you invite people, you must confirm your email address. Just click the link in the email you received when you signed up or ask for a new confirmation email.
    share settings popup
  5. After you confirmed your email address, (re)open the share settings and enter the email addresses you want to share with. The people you invite receive an email with a link leading to the editable model. In their Project explorer, the new shared project appears in the Shared projects section.
    Shared projects in GenMyModel
  6. When more than one user open a shared project and start collaborating, a popup confirms you all enter the collaborative mode..
    collaborative mode
  7. If you’ve been shared a project, you can reshare it and revoke invited users. Notice you can not revoke the project owner.

If you encounter any problem with the real-time collaboration, drop us an email at We spend 24 hours to grow your love with online modeling.

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