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— Guest Post by Planzone

On the market since 2008, Planzone is an online project management software that simplifies project planning and teamwork. Constantly evolving, the R & D team at Planzone have come up with an intuitive interface that is easy for all members of a project team to use. A prime incentive of the company has been to focus on the quality of its service, a rare attribute in the world of SaaS.

Simplify the planning and follow-up of projects

Planzone allows you to organize your projects efficiently but can also be applied to your daily work. With its intuitive interface, you can easily turn your “To Do” list into a list of tasks and so have a clearer vision of how you are advancing in the planning of a project. Planzone also has a calendar where you can add as many events as you want, coordinating a centralized view of all your different projects. For more precise monitoring of each task you can view each associated time sheet.

Encourage teamwork

More than just a project management software, Planzone is a collaborative tool that encourages the participation of teams, allowing exchanges related to a project through documents, discussions and/or integrated wikis. All the different elements of a project are connected e.g.: a task can be assigned to a member, a document and a comment attached and then can be sent by email. Planzone fits seamlessly into the tools you use in your everyday work. Aside from using email, you can also import your documents from your Google Drive account and sync your calendars with Google Calendar.

Assistance Services

And lastly, our Planzone team is committed to after sales service, we offer a free demonstration of the software one-on-one, without any commitment. All the packages we offer include free telephone access and email support. The team also provides training sessions, from a personalized Workshop to the yearly Help Desk contract, helping users save time in discovering and learning how to use Planzone.

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