Spring Data Rest generator and context menu are now available!

Thanks to your feedback, we are pleased to announce the new available features in the Beta!

Most of you suggested to handle the right-click on the diagram. You can now perform editing actions (add/delete) on the current selected element and global actions are also available (generators and exports). Here’s what the context menu looks like in the diagram:

Diagram context menu

  People working with laptops or low resolutions will be happy to be able to organize their workspace. Indeed the toolbar and the property panel can be now moved where you want:

New toolbar & property panel

  Additionally, our team has worked to bring you a new generator “Spring Data Rest application” (for more information:

GenMyModel code generation features and Spring Rest data framework). Spring Data Rest generator   We hope you will enjoy these new features. Try it out, tell your friends, share your models and bring back your feedbacks on https://help.genmymodel.com/. Have fun modelling with GenMyModel! Justin.   Follow me and GenMyModel for the latest news: @jtrentes | @Genmymodel

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