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Agile Architect: A Way To move To The Next Level in 2019

For years, you use the 1st online modeling tool (or if you don’t, start modeling now for free 😉). Today, Axellience provides a brand new architecture platform for DevOps offering a range of tools to ensure collaboration with your team. #AgileModeling remains the basis thanks GenMyModel tool We know how the GenMyModel features help you […]

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How can you upgrade your collaboration level inside an online modeling tool?

The problem with older modeling softwares is clearly the collaboration. Everyone has his license installed on his workstation and produces versions of the same project. These versions are then exchanged in email format. The risk of error is then very high. Is it all about the right version? Did my colleague change the correct version? […]

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Business Process Management Standards

Have you ever draw a scheme of how your company works on a Drawing Software, on a Graphic Application, or even on a piece of paper? Want to take your company to the next level? You could use an official business process language to go further than a drawing!

With BPMN 2 Standards, measure your current activity, capture the evolution of your processes & control innovative productivity.

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May Sprint

Ready to boost your Business Strategy?

ArchiMate* has finally arrived on your favorite online platform! Naturally, as our UML, Database, and BPMN modelers, ArchiMate comes with the Central Model Repository, the Google Drive Style Collaboration, Smart Controllers, and the All Format Export. GenMyModel presents you its new editor!

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