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Agile Architect: A Way To move To The Next Level in 2019

For years, you use the 1st online modeling tool (or if you don’t, start modeling now for free 😉). Today, Axellience provides a brand new architecture platform for DevOps offering a range of tools to ensure collaboration with your team. #AgileModeling remains the basis thanks GenMyModel tool We know how the GenMyModel features help you […]

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What you need to know about UML diagrams – Structure diagrams (1)

We are about to begin a serie of blog posts about the most used UML diagrams. The Unified Modeling Language™ (UML‧Ⓡ) is a way of describing software architecture using a range of diagrams. UML have been created to put different profiles around the table, and speak the same language : business analysts, software architects and developers. This modeling language, as a standard language, can be applied to any sectors (banking, internet, aerospace, finance etc.), be used with major software development methods and for several implementation platforms. We can identify two main types of diagrams :

  • structure diagrams to show the static structure of a system including abstraction, real word, implementation, and how they are related to each other.
  • behaviour diagrams to show the dynamic behaviour of the objects in a system, a serie of changes to the system over time.

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Save Time in 4 Points by Modeling Online

How to save time? is a recurrent question Business Men & Business Women ask their providers. Their intense job forces them to take the right decision at the right time, not always with days of reflexion.

That is why they need some tools that make their business evolve in synch with their thoughts.

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Innovative Certified Professional Suite

You have a global view of your enterprise. You have a vision of the future of your market. All you need is to share your perception with your stakeholders and your employees. Translate your intentions into actionnable objectives with an innovative standardized professional suite. Discover the solutions GenMyModel introduces: Continue reading

Business Process Management Standards

Have you ever draw a scheme of how your company works on a Drawing Software, on a Graphic Application, or even on a piece of paper? Want to take your company to the next level? You could use an official business process language to go further than a drawing!

With BPMN 2 Standards, measure your current activity, capture the evolution of your processes & control innovative productivity.

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