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Release Update: beautiful BPM export to PDF, better organization of large projects and new revision history

After the recent release of the BPMN Visio Import, GenMyModel continues to evolve for bringing you more traceability, performance and flexibility. The latest release update includes a new professional PDF export, the redesign of the model history browser and the drag and drop of model elements within the project explorer. These improvements bring a significant […]

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Release Update: data modeling in BPMN projects, wider BPMN 2.0 coverage and better diagram interchange

As a new step of our continuous delivery process, we’ve just introduced significant improvements related to our BPMN editor: you can now model the data handled by your designed processes and make the whole project executable into Java-based execution engines, customize a wider range of BPMN 2.0 attributes, and import BPMN 2.0 models with even […]

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Release Update June 11th: BPMN Animation, Versioning, Permissions and BPMN Interchange

We’ve just released a major update and we’ve got plenty of developments to tell you about: we introduce the business process animation, a first step towards process simulation, model versioning and access right management. In our efforts for providing a professional BPMN modeling and analysis platform in the cloud, we joined the Business Process Model […]

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