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How can you upgrade your collaboration level inside an online modeling tool?

The problem with older modeling softwares is clearly the collaboration. Everyone has his license installed on his workstation and produces versions of the same project. These versions are then exchanged in email format. The risk of error is then very high. Is it all about the right version? Did my colleague change the correct version? […]

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Introducing the Database Model Editor

Our team is happy to unveil the new Database Diagram Editor in GenMyModel. It enables you to design databases online with the power of real-time collaboration and code generation. The data modeling editor completes the GenMyModel modeling platform which now covers a wide spectrum of diagrams: ER, UML, Flowchart and EMF. As a full-featured collaborative platform in the browser, GenMyModel is now at the center of software design in agile teams.

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Code Generation Conference

We’re excited to announce that team members Vincent and Justin are off to Code Generation 2014 April 8-11 in Cambridge, UK. It’s Europe’s leading conference on Domain-Specific Languages, Language Workbenches, Model-Driven Software Development and Code Generation. It sounds like the conference’s program is going to be jam-packed, and we’re looking forward to hearing what they […]

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