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Hello everyone!

Today is a new day! We have decided to open a new section in order to share with you tips about GenMyModel and/or UML. So every week, we will publish a new tip.

So let’s start!

The first tip is about the shortcuts in GenMyModel.
After measuring the miles travelled between the toolbar and the diagram by your cursors we have concluded that it was time to show you this tip. To spare the long travels, you can use the shorcuts.

Maybe you already saw that a letter is underlined below the label of each tool. It indicates the shortcut of the tool. So for example if you press ‘c’, the class tool will be selected.

This is great! Now, let’s try something more complicated! We want to quickly add 10 classes into a diagram.
Do you know how can we do that?…

Any ideas?…
Drum roll……

The solution is to press ‘c’ to select the class tool and use ‘CTRL’+click on the diagram for every class you need. Of course, this works for each tool.

GenMyModel UML shortcuts

Now you know how you can impress your friends and your boss by creating a big model in a minimum amount of time.

Feel free to say if you like or not this feature and how we can improve it.


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