10 Interesting Blogs on Agile Development

10 Interesting Blogs on Agile Development

There are many impressive blogs on agile development. Here are some of our favorites (in no particular order).

1. Agile Scout

This blog is for anyone who is interested in agile development and/or tools. Not only is it a great resource and news site, but some posts provide you with a good laugh when you need a break!

2. Agile Zone

Part of the Dzone site, Agile Zone is updated often with posts by numerous authors on all subjects related to agility. It’s a good way to keep track of the different articles being published across the web.

3. Rally Blogs – Agile

This blog provides expertise in advancing your agile practices. There are often posts by key agile coach and product teams.

4. Agile Connection

Content is written by various contributors as part of a fast growing community. There are both articles and video interviews. The interviews provide first hand accounts on experience and handling problems.

5. Agile Velocity Blog

Created by the company Agile Velocity, their blog provides some great agile learning resources! Content comes in various forms such as graphics, slides, and articles.

6. Agile Coaching

Agile coach Rachel Davies offers you her guidance and thoughts from her experience on coaching agile teams. You may discover some new ways of working or how to make your team more efficient.

7. Allan’s Blog – Agile, Lean, Patterns

Author Allan Kelly has a host of different experiences in the software industry. He currently helps companies in adopting agile and aligning development and strategy.

8. All About Agile

The blog has posts by several authors. It also provides helpful links to popular articles, key principles, and steps to implementing scrum.

9. Leading Agile

Written by the training and coaching company of the same name, this blog provides useful advice on agile practices, often based around the team’s personal experiences.

10. Illustrated Agile

This site is a great resource for many aspects of agile development – from recruiting members of agile teams to team building and testing and quality.
What is your favorite agile development blog? We’re always on the lookout for new reads!

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