Activity diagrams are available

GenMyModel now allows the design of activity diagrams, the most widely used UML diagram to describe dynamic aspects of a system. You can share the activity diagrams you create and you can edit them with your teammates in real-time. Most of the UML elements are available in the toolbar: Action,  Initial node, Activity final , Control flow,  Flow final, Join, Fork, Merge, Decision, Comment. The assemblage is very fluid and you always get an UML-compliant model. The diagrams can be exported as SVG or JPEG images. How to create an activity diagram: in the Project Explorer, open your project, right-click on the diagram container and choose Activity Diagram.  A shortcut will be added soon to the File menu. Create UML activity diagram Very easy diagramming, always UML-compliant: uml activity diagram Share and edit the same activity diagram in real-time: Collaborative UML Activity Diagram

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