ChangeLog January 2nd 2014

ChangeLog GenMyModel


  • A first version of the activity diagram is added
  • A new protocol of communication between the client and the server has been released. We gave up websockets.
  • New toolbar design.
  • Buttons to align or distribute graphical elements has been added.
  • A project can now have tags (this will used in the future for searching public projects).
  • The chat box is now available for single user and is now called ‘discussion panel’.  You can take notes and browse the chat history.
  • Added a ‘pause’ mode when you’re inactive for a while on a project

Bug fixes:

  • The combo boxes in the packages are now correctly displayed
  • Fixed a bug in the collaborative mode that caused connection failures 

Known issues

  • Impossible to specify return types for some of the operations in the classes. It occurs after attribute’s type deletion.
  • On Windows+Chrome, using the browser zoom (ctrl + scroll wheel) causes errors when creating elements. Working hard on it


To report a bug or post your feedback, visit our UserVoice support area.

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