ChangeLog November 1st 2013

ChangeLog GenMyModel


  • Collaborative mode is now available:
    • A “share settings” dialog box has been added to manage collaborators you share with (more permissions will be added later).
    • A chat box has been added allowing you to chat  with the other collaborators who are currently viewing the model.
    • There’s a new panel in the header to display the connected collaborators.
  • A zoom tool has been added to the toolbar.
  • Icons for attributes and operations have changed.
  • You can now specify the multiplicity of return types and operation parameters.
  • The shortcut list has been updated.

Bug fixes:

  • Scrolling in property panel and project explorer doesn’t scroll the title anymore.
  • Fixed bug that prevented to open some projects in Firefox 24.

Known issues:

  • Slow network connections can cause troubles (mainly in collaborative mode).
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