Changelog V0.4.2 (February 28th 2013)

UML Online - GenMyModel shortcuts

Hi all,

Before this post, our changeLogs were only visible in our private JIRA…and many of you remain in the fog about the latest bug fixes and improvements. From now, we’ll share it in the blog as often as possible, standing more chance to talk to you.

We’ve just released minor updates, to fix bugs and add new features brought up by the community. Here it is:

– Operations can now be abstract, static, leaf, unique, ordered or query

– The static modifier of an attribute/operation is now underlined in the diagram

– Shortcuts list updated (have you seen the CtrlZ and CtrlY ?)

– Google+ badge added at the bottom of the dashboard
Bug fixes

– Edit name of an element that just been created (no need to press “enter” anymore)

– Undo/redo will now properly work after creating a new element


Stay tuned on the community page for any advice, request or bug.

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