ChangeLog – Version 0.4.3 (Semaine 11)

  • Adding of a new generator: SQL generator based on hibernate annotations.
  • The context menu has been updated and it’s now possible to add element from it.
  • You can now use some fast generators from the menus (main menu and context menu).
  • In the dialog-box of generator configurations, the current project is selected by default.
  • Editing fields will now appear above elements in the diagram (to prevent display bugs).
  • A splash-screen has been added for the application loading.

Bug fixes:

  • Editing fields are now correctly shown in Opera and IE9.
  • Fixes a bug that made it impossible to move elements in Opera and IE9.
  • The properties panel now correctly displays the interface properties.
  • The operation tool has now correctly works on an operation or attribute.
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