Featured Modeler: Wendell

We’ve launched a new series called “Featured Modelers”. We’d like to get to know more about you so that you’re more than just a username. We’re curious as to who you are and why you use models.

GenMyModel Featured Modeler

Today’s interview is with Wendell from Brazil. Wendell shows us that GenMyModel can be a helpful tool for researchers.

Q&A with Wendell

What do you do? How long have you been in this career?

I’m a professor and researcher at IFCE Institute in Brazil. I’ve been using Software Engineering with UML in my research since 2008.

What do you like most about what you do?

I like coding but in the past years, I haven’t had much time to do this. However, I keep on creating high level models suitable to my parallel programming approaches on GPU.

What tools do you use for your job?gcc

Eclipse + Modeling Tools, GCC, Cuda and more recently I’ve started to program with Python.

Why do you use GenMyModel?

It’s practical and simple. Moreover, I found it fast, and I can see it evolving in time. I hope GenMyModel can automatically generate my parallel code soon.

Can you tell us about a project where GenMyModel was especially useful?

We have to adapt algorithms for autonomous decision to drones/quadcopters. GenMyModel is helping us to model our entire system. Further, we are starting to model another project that allows us to translate network protocols of power plants.

How would you describe GenMyModel in one word?

Legendary. 😉

A huge thank you to Wendell for participating and taking the time to answer our questions!

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