Modeling: 3 Reasons Why SaaS will Change the Game. Finally.

Cloud and SaaS are the most used words in the software world today. It’s only natural as they embody the biggest change in the industry in 15 years. But deep down, for modeling, why is the Cloud a revolution?

Modeling SaaS vs Desktop, UML in the CLoud

As this graphic illustrates, there are three major reasons developers may prefer to model in the Cloud:

#1 No Launch Time

SaaS: A modeling tool that is usable in seconds, with no installation, and with no activation

Desktop: Modeling tools that take a long time to install, download, and activate

#2 Better Collaboration

SaaS: A tool that is collaborative, favoring teamwork like Google Drive

Desktop: Tools designed 15 years ago for individual use that become collaborative only at the cost of difficult to implement options

#3 Improved UX

SaaS: A real modeling tool whose UX was redesigned to be used in a browser and is simpler, more straightforward, more enjoyable, and more user-friendly

Desktop: Technologically powerful tools that are very complicated to use

And for GenMyModel?

Our users say they appreciate modeling in the Cloud for these three reasons.With several hundred new users a day, we are without a doubt on the right track. There’s still work to do, but, very quickly, we’ll go even further.

The team is progressing on the development of an API. This API will enable the development of new connection possibilities for other tools and new hosting and version management capabilities for models.

When this happens, the Cloud will have changed the game for users of modeling tools just like other SaaS tools changed the game for Source Code Management Tools, for Project Management tools, for Code Editors, etc.

What about you? Why do you model in the Cloud?

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