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Prepare yourself being amazed by the tip of the week. Did you know there’s a web page describing each of your public projects? There’s now a dynamic URL to convince your mates that in modeling, you’re the best ever: (Ex: If you think it’s too hard for them (yes a big UML structure […]

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ChangeLog (July 16th 2013)

Addons: Use-case diagrams can now be exported to SVG and JPEG. All diagrams appear now in the PDF export. Ordered and unique properties can now be specified on association ends. New shortcuts added: ‘?’ to show the keyboard shortcut help. Ctrl+’S’ to save the current project. Bug fixes: Fix a bug that prevented to warn the […]

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ChangeLog Beta (April 19th 2013)

Addons: You can now export your model documentation as PDF (experimental feature). Sharing has been improved to allow you to send multiple emails and adding a custom message (real time collaboration coming soon). The SVG export has been updated to show static elements, attributs multiplicity and comments. Adding shortcuts to quickly create elements (‘c’ for class, […]

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