Release Notes September 2013

A new version of GenMyModel has been released into production in september.

This release adds packages and datatypes for class diagrams, performance improvements and resizing.

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Enhanced class diagram


You can now create packages in the class diagrams to organize your stuff. Image exports, PDF and code generators now manage packages.

Datatypes for own types

(UML 2.0) Datatypes have been added in the main toolbar. There are very useful to refer external types you want to be generated, without entirely model them.

Better performance

A big leap has been made for the UX. The modeling fluidity has been incredibly improved. Create, modify and move all the model elements much faster.

Resize elements

Grab the resizable grip handles of the diagram elements to resize horizontally and vertically.The transparency allows to overlap elements without forcing the composite relationship.

Bug fixes

  • Relationship layout updated when linked elements change
  • The error panel is now correctly displayed when a system error occurs during a generation
  • Project deletion is now possible when diagrams are opened

Post your features requests here or send us an email at

Enjoy modeling in the cloud!

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