Services are now operating normally – disruption ended at 01:20 (GMT + 1:00)

All the services are now operating normally. We had a significant disruption to our system that affected all users today. This post outlines the issue and the practices that we will incorporate to better manage future issues that arise. One slot of RAM burnt on our main server causing the disruption – the web hosting service company fixed it in 1h30 – but the rescue server has immediately been overloaded. The disruption lasted about 3 hours but it had no impacts on the stored models. In case you get stuck when loading your projects, drop us a message at Beyond rectifying this near term issue, we are taking a number of steps to perform more extreme edge / load case testing. With the number of connected users all along the day and the number of new users every week, it’s time to scale-up our hosting solutions again. If you experience latency when designing your models, please let us know, it will help us improve the hosting configuration. ——— 09:30 (GMT + 1:00) Our servers are down at the moment, working with our hosting service to come bak ASAP! We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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