The state diagram is in the works

Lionel is adding the state diagrams to GenMyModel. As our SDK is more stable and efficient, new diagrams can be delivered much faster. The state diagrams could be out in June, Lionel is hard at work.

Here’s a snap of Lionel’s dev environment:

uml state diagram

About the state machine diagram

The state machine diagram is a behavior diagram describing the discrete behavior of a system through finite state transitions. Two kinds of state machines exist in UML (2.4)

  1. behavioral state machine
  2. protocol state machine

The following nodes and edges are typically modeled in a state machine diagram: behavioral state, behavioral transition, protocol state, protocol transition, and pseudostates.

For more information about this diagram, you should read the great Kirill Fakhroutdinov’s page about it.

What’s left to go: CSS and layout

Most of the functional operations are coded. We’re still working on:

  • ConnectionPointReference: it should be attached to borders
  • Design: give partitions and regions their own look
  • Customize pseudo states icons and layout
  • Model to SVG transformation – not rocky at all, Justin and Vince are experts

After releasing this diagram, we’ll be working on the sequence diagram. More tough to develop but requested by a lot of the community.

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