UML Templates, Flowchart Improvements, Custom Avatar and More!


Hi GenMyModel lovers! We are pleased to announce a new GenMyModel release. What’s new? In short: UML templates, movable links, flowchart improvements, history improvements and custom avatars. Let’s describe each point!

UML Templates

One of the most expected feature was the ability to create UML templates. For a lot of programming language like Java, generic classes are essential if you want to generate some code from your models. We are proud to announce that GenMyModel now supports adding template parameters to a class or an interface. You can also manage template parameters in the property panel of the templated element. Finally you can bind elements to templates using the template binding tool.

UML template example

An example of a UML template to create a list of string

The UML templates specification is not as simple as it may seem. And to simplify we will soon add the possibility to automatically bind a typed element to a template (like in Java when you instantiate a generic type).

One little tip: if you want to quickly create a template that has a parameter with a binding you can directly use the template binding tool. Select the bounded element as the source and the template as the target. If the target is not already a template, it will be converted into a template and a template parameter will be automatically added to it.

Move Your Links

Sometimes when you build your models, mistakes can happen. One of the most common one is to create an association between two objects only to notice later that either the target or the source is wrong. Before you had to delete the link, create a new one, and reset the label and other properties. There is now a faster and better way, you can drag and drop the ends of a link! This works for BPMN2 flows, UML Associations and inheritance links and Flowchart segments.

Moving flow in BPMN editor

Moving a flow from a task to another in BPMN editor

Flowchart Improvements

The Flowchart editor was released a few years ago and needed a refresh. New tools have been added to shapes in order to quickly create shapes and flows from an existing one. You can now almost create your entire Flowchart models without ever using the toolbar!

Flowchart tools

Flowchart tools around an action

History Player Improvements

The history has also been improved in order to replay more actions done on your project. This can be useful if you want to restore a previous version or if you just want to check actions that have been done in the past. Don’t hesitate to play with it!

New History Player

New History Player

Change Your Avatar

Another feature that you asked for, is the ability to change your avatar. You can now go to the settings page in your dashboard to change it. Note that if you logged in with a social network, you will be able to choose between each service.

Change your avatar

Change your avatar from dashboard settings

Thanks for reading.

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