What’s the difference between public and private projects?

GenMyModel project creation

Public projects

For those who want to get started modeling quickly on public, open-source projects that you want to share. The public projects are in read-only mode for everybody, write access is restricted to people you share with.

Private projects

For those who want to keep their work private and sharable only between authenticated users. During the beta, the number of private projects is limited to 1.

Where can I see the public projects?

On our public repository page. It helps people dive easily into GenMyModel and  provides some helpful contents when one starts modeling. The public projects will later be directly readable/clonable inside the application so that you can copy/paste them easily.

What am I charged for?

Nothing. Public and private projects are free during the beta.

How to get more private projects?

Drop us an email at help@genmymodel.com, we’ll upgrade your account.

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