What We’re Reading this Week – May 23, 2014

What We're Reading This Week

Here are some of the articles and stories we’re reading this week. Perfect to kick off the weekend! Happy Reading!

1. Java 8 Default Methods Can Break Your (Users’) Code

2. Distributed Agile: 8 Ways to get More from your Distributed Teams

3. Five Qualities of a Remarkable Agile Team

4. Coding Schools Tone Down Rosy Job Script 

5. 101 Best Web Design and Development Blogs

6. 30 Online Generators And Why These Are Important For Web Designers

7. 4 Things To Consider for Successful PHP Web Development

8. 5 Reasons to Love JavaScript in Web Development 

9. 10 Skills Developers Should Invest In for 2014


Does your company need scientific proof before using a new method or tool? Check out Eric Bouwers’ talk The Scientific Programmer

Just for fun!

Quiz: What’s Your Web Designer/Developer Personality Type? (I got The Utility Belt! And you?)

Do you have any articles that we should be reading?


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